Pampered yourself in our exclusive SPA, specialized in providing unforgettable moments that will relax your body, mind and soul.
Feel better with our facial and body treatments and enjoy our special designed couple massages and exclusive packages.
We are experts creating unforgettable moments.

Relaxing 50m /80m

  • Manual therapy that offers your body and mind a deep state of well-being. Its main objective is to increase the production of endorphins in our body.

Couples 50m

  • Enjoy a sensual massage with your partner supplemented with aromatherapy and relaxing music. Ideal to activate the passion and enjoy with your loved one.

Swedish Massage

  • It is ideal for eliminating tension, firming muscles and joints. In addition, its invigorating and relaxing effect promotes blood circulation.

Sports 80m

  • Encourage the stretching and relaxation of the muscles of our body, the muscle recovers its original elasticity, thus providing better sports performance and rapid recovery.

Hot Stones 80m

  • Improves the functions of our body, reduces chronic pain, especially bone and muscle pain. It removes toxins from the body and helps balance the nervous system and improves blood circulation.

Détox 80m

  • It is a soft and light massage that is applied in the circulatory system, its function is to eliminate the accumulation of liquids, absorption of fats and soluble vitamins from the digestive system, thus the body eliminates toxins and waste substances.

Therapeutic 80m

  • It is a massage performed by different techniques for therapeutic purposes to eliminate diseases and injuries since its technique is integrated into physiotherapy.

Deep Tissue 50m

  • Deep tissue massage, its technique is very effective to treat and eliminate muscle tension in athletes or people suffering from chronic muscle pain caused by severe physical activities and repeated adoption of bad postures.

Lomi Lomi 50m/80m

  • Its main benefit is the state of total relaxation achieved. This technique relaxes and improves the nervous system, the physical and mental state, providing better circulation and pain relief.

Prenatal 50m

  • Relax your body and mind, reduce stress reducing the possibility of premature labor. Relaxation will help you sleep and rest better. It manages to regulate intestinal transit and also reduce edema and fluid retention, also relieving the usual leg cramps.

Body treatments

  • Chocolate 50m/80m

  • Coco 50m/80m

  • Mayan mud 50m/80m

  • Sunburn 50m

Facial treatments

  • Moisturizing 50m

  • Enzymes 50m / 80m

  • Vitamin C 80m

  • Anti-wrinkle 80m

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