TOURS IN AND AROUND HOLBOX for the perfect vacation

The activities that can be done in Holbox are unique!

Do you like adventure? Well, Holbox Island will allow you to experience activities that you will never forget. Start with a classic fishing tour, the ideal therapy to relax, or how about snorkeling in Cabo Catoche where you will discover a unique and incredible world beneath the sea. The boat rides are thrilling, meaning you can get closer to all the fauna and flora of the island; see flamingos, native birds or perhaps even cross paths with a pod of dolphins in their natural habitat.


PANDORA Luminescence

Brace yourself for a multisensory experience. Feel the mystical energy of nature flowing through your veins as events unfold. Enter a world of spiritual fantasy and witness a night where time and space bent

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of show 2.5 hours

Schedules: Monday to Saturday
8:30 pm


Sounds exciting, right? It is our most popular tour for a reason. The specialized team will take you to see the beautiful whale shark. Here you can SWIM WITH THEM AND THEIR STINGRAY COMPANIONS, followed by a visit to a beautiful reef, where you can snorkel and eat a freshly-prepared delicious ceviche at Santa Paula.



  • Visit with certified English / Spanish speaking guides

  • Swimming and snorkeling with whale sharks

  • Snorkeling at Cabo Catoche

  • Ceviche at Santa Paula

  • Birdwatching at Punta Mosquito

  • Box lunch

  • Travel insurance

  • Recommendations: Bring a hat and t-shirt.

  • Snorkeling equipment, life jackets

IMPORTANT: to protect the reef and the whale shark, sunscreen is not allowed.

Price per person.
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Classic Tour

On this tour, you will be able to see Holbox in its entirety, and get close to Isla Pájaros, a protected area that you can experience from a viewing point opposite the island. Then we will take you to Isla Pasión where you’ll marvel at calm turquoise water and white sands for as far as the eye can see.

Finally, we finish in Yalahau, a natural-spring located on the mainland. Here you will see how the fresh water gushes from the earth, and we assure you, that you will not want to leave the water when you feel the cooling effects of this natural spring. It is a tour of approximately 3 hours, in groups of about 10. It is ideal for families.

About 3 hours

Bring: hat, t-shirt, sunscreen
Shared Tour

Includes: soft drinks and water

$530 mxn* per person
*Subject to change without notice

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It is the honor and pride of all Mexicans to boast one of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World in our country. We invite you to this ancient place, in an all-inclusive tour where an expert guide will share with you in great detail this incredible archeological site. The tour includes a delicious meal at the entrance to the site.

Approximately 12 hours

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Deep-sea FISHING

WE WANT YOU TO FEEL the thrill of the professional fisherman, which is why we offer you these incredible tours. As the island is famed for its sport fishing and the abundance of fish that surround it, here you can experience the high of fishing for Grouper and Sawfish among many other species.

Shared tour
Lifevest included

$13,000 mxn* for 4 people
*Subject to change without notice

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If your priority is having fun, with the whole family , then Mini Fishing is perfect for you, and your kids learn to line-fish. It’s a simple skill,and easy to learn, but a lot of fun. Perfect for friends and family.

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Imagined for people looking for a tour with a difference, on THE MANGROVE LABYRINTH TOUR, you will be stunned by the flora and fauna of the island. The natural settings seem too good to be true, you will hear the echoing songs of the birds, while you marvel at the array of colors reflecting off the water. This trip is recommended for 8 people.

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The adventure of doing something different. DISCOVER THE ISLAND FROM TIP TO TIP in a golf cart. You can get to Punta Coco, directly opposite Isla Pájaros. Don´t miss it!

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This tour consists of paddling in Kayak for approximately 30 min to arrive at our point of departure. One and a half kilometers (0.9 miles) from the hotel beach we arrive at a sandbank and enter complete darkness, to be surrounded by an endless dome of stellar constellations: later, we’ll experience the incredible natural bioluminescence.

Duration: 2 hours approximately

Photo by HolboXtreme

Photo by XOMEX


Enjoy this exciting experience that will leave you speechless as you view from the sky the incredible landscapes of Holbox Island, Isla Contoy, Isla Mujeres, the Cancun hotel zone and the Nichupte Lagoon on a trip of approximately 80 minutes.

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